Dark Techs/Lunarkinesis

Dark Techs/Lunarkinesis

These techniques may be dangerous, so be careful. Practice them at your own risk. I am not being held responsible if you get injured or if you make a 'big mistake'. Dedicated to the manipulation of the darkness...

Negative Energy Summon To use negative energy, you need to learn how to summon it first. Feel out the psi in your body. Now begin to think of feelings that strongly anger you. Also think of things of evil (demons, vampires, etc...). Now picture all those thoughts spreading out of your mind and creating a coat around your body. Now use the psi flame power up so that your psi has to pass through the coating. As it does, picture the coating changing the color of your psi to a dark purple or blue. You have summoned negative energy.

Dark Ball Make a psi ball in a darkened room. Absorb the dark energy in the room. Visualize it like the psi ball is attracting the dark psi. Then make a psi ball with that energy.

The Ghostly Scream Power all of your dark energy into your palm. Focus all of your hatred into a psi ball. Finally scream and shoot it out.
???? Draw energy from something dark and let the lunar psi flow throughout your body for a while. After you get used to having a lot of dark energy in you, move the dark psi into your hands. The fire it like a 'kamehameha? while you yell.

Dark Bomb First take all of your energy and convert it into darkness, if you dont have energy then you should draw mana from the darkness. Then lift your hands over your head and pull all the darkness energy into your hands. You should do this until it is feeling very heavy. Then make it unstable by making it to where it will explode on contact. To do this simply imagine it like a bomb. Then throw it hard against a target or down on the ground. It will hurt you and everything else in its way.
Energy Steal Grab someone and visualize roots from your palms attaching to the person's body. Visualize the roots sucking the energy/psi from them. Also, this takes practice so it probably wont work first time. It is basically grounding using your hands and somebody else's energy.
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