EM Manual (Part 2)

EM Manual Part 2

Lesson 3 - Energy Uses: Healing


This is the final lesson in this chapter, since the next lesson acts more as a precautionary notice rather than a skill as such.

Healing, The most commonly used, and well known of all energy manipulation techniques. Since this document only outlines techniques of energy manipulation, so that you may experiment with your own, if you are truly obsessed with healing, you may wish to try a reiki healing course.

Healing - the concept

By using a variety of techniques, it is possible to use energy to heal people or yourself (and any other living organism, or possibly dead if you’re into that kind of thing). This works by transferring healing energy into/onto the site of injury, or illness, and consequently enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities. If you have trouble coming to terms with this, imagine it as a "super potion" for blood cells. Energy healing has been proven to work (so there, you skeptics).

Pseudo-reiki(Level 1 Pseudo)

Not quite reiki, because this doesn't require any courses for training, and has a few subtle differences. This technique is achieved by using almost-close contact between the healer and the injury. Hover your hand approximately 1cm above the injury, others feel it is more effective via actually bodily contact, but this is another decision for you to make, however I should stress that in some cases this may not be practical, (e.g. on open wounds). You may find this more effective from closing or opening your eyes.

There are a couple of choices when carrying out this type of energy manipulation. Whilst using your own energy in the healing process is easier and more powerful, it has the tendency to disturb to persons natural energies. Unless you have a special bond with the target, it is advised that
this technique isn’t used.

A safer, although more intense method, is to draw energy from the surrounding environment, and use yourself merely as a route for the energy to travel.

Keynote 4 - Remember, hands are very important in energy manipulation, and act as natural energy focal points.

Similar to the Energy Releasing techniques described in the previous essay, you will be projecting healing energy into the target you wish to heal. However, visualization is slightly different, as in this case it is advisable to see the energy either;

a. charging the cells,
b. speeding up the healing process
c. helping the healing process

Continue with this technique for as long as you feel suitable, depending on the ailment, anything from 15 minutes to 8 hours and more may be required.

Note - I have successfully cured a sore throat in only 15 minutes. This was using purple energy, and the following technique.

Healing Ball (Level 1 Healing Ball) (Level 3 PSI Ball)

The healing ball is an exercise that differs greatly from the pseudo-reiki methods mentioned above. Although this technique has not been experimented to a large extent, lying down, head propped slightly back, and preferably no body parts touching (a good meditational posture), in a dark room, has been found to work incredibly efficiently.  Once in this posture, prepare yourself. When this is done, continue.

Visualize an energy ball, being created either in close proximity to your body, or inside you (this works best at the chakra points). Make sure this is a color that will work effectively, in the past I have used several colors including purple, blue and red, but have personally found Blues to work most effectively, followed closely by reds and purples.  Now visualize this energy ball traveling to the point in your body you wish to heal. On arrival, let this energy wash over, heal, and stick to, depending on the problem. This should be continued for anything from 15 minutes to 8 hours and more may be required, although anything over 8 hours would indicate that you probably shouldn't be wasting your time reading this “intermediate" document.

Healing, in conclusion

Above are two starters for healing. Experiment and adapt these techniques to suit you. Given time you will develop your own subtly different techniques that will enable to you carry out healing at a far more efficient standard.

Good luck.

Lesson 4 - On Nausea, headaches and other ailments

A common side effect of large amounts of energy work, or even short high intensity workings often result in headaches, nausea, aches, and other ailments. This is due to a number of reasons.

Excess Storage

Large amounts of excess energy being left in your body. This can be cured by doing some simple energy releasing exercises or grounding rituals.

Energetic Burnout

You've done far too much energy work for one day. Sure, you may have accomplished a lot, but you now need plenty of rest and sleep.

Energy Overkill

Another potential problem is having created too many protective fields, or other "sticky-energy-systems" (SES). The only way to fix this is to do both of the above, and destroy some of the fields. If this is not possible, eat lots of fruit and take many multivitamin tablets to help relieve the symptoms.


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