EM Manual (Part 3)

EM Manual Part 3

Chapter 4 – Energy Manipulation Tier 3

You’ve reached the Advanced Energy Manipulation Chapter or Level 3 Training. Congratulations. During this chapter, I intend to cover the following useful topics;

Energy Uses: Offense // Energy Weapons
Imbuing items & objects with energy
Energy Over Distance: General

At this point, you are expected to be able to fill in any gaps in the techniques mentioned with your own experience.  You should have also developed a suitable set of techniques to help yourself
relax, and prepare for the following lessons. Do this now.

Lesson 1 - Energy Uses: Offense // Energy Weapons

What document would be complete without dualities? In this Lesson, I hope to highlight a few points regarding using energy for offensive purposes; an area often over looked by many because of its moral implications. However, in a reality where Black and White, Good and Bad, Right and wrong don't exist, it’s up to you to make that judgment. We will now look over a few offensive techniques in brief detail.

The Proverbial Energy Catapult

The energy catapult is merely a name used to describe the action of this exercise. Using SECM, create an energy ball of reasonable size (generally anything over the size of a bowling ball is sufficient for this). As an example, this particular ball is going to be used to cause Mental blocks, a generally blank mind and restlessness (Yes, this technique was developed during an exam). Referring to the Color Correspondence chart, it is obvious that Black and a deep-decaying type of red will be suitable for the job.

Keynote 1 - In cases where multiple colors are used in a single ball, the ball may take on a "marble" effect, incorporating all the selected colors.

Once you feel you have charged this ball to its full potential, visualize it being catapulted high into the air and landing squarely on your designated target. This may take several tries before results are apparent.

Note - This is hysterical in a conference hall/exam situation if done properly.

The Energy Spear

This technique is relatively more advanced than the previous example. In this exercise, it will be necessary to create an Energy Spear. The creation of energy spears do not differ greatly from SECM, but due to their shape, greater concentration is requiring so that they may hold integrity.

Create a small Energy ball. As the ball grows to a reasonable size, visualize stretching and shaping the energy into a spear-like shape. If you don’t know what a spear looks like, go and look one up in an encyclopedia now.

Firing an energy spear is relatively simpler than its creation. Focus on the spear, charging it with energy, so that its "pressure" increases. This meaning that when it reaches a certain point, it will fire off at a high velocity into the specified target. Once fired, the spear should merge into the targets own
natural energy field, disrupting it, as expected.

Standard Energy Clouds/Ants Technique

The simplest of the 3 examples given here, this technique employs visualization as its only real skill. In this, you are aiming to visualize natural world energy. Change this energy into the specified color of your choice, and visualize it floating (clouds) or crawling (ants) towards, and into/on your target.

This has varying success rates, which is thought to be depending on the environment and situation. Use at your own discrepancy. Now that you have a few techniques under your belt, you should be confident to modify, or design your own techniques for offensive purposes.

Lesson 2 - Imbuing items & objects with energy

Imbuing objects with properties has been a major area of the occult for many, many years. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have stood up and said "here's how to imbue objects with energy", so here's another concise lesson, this time, on imbuing items and objects with energy.

Practical reasons for imbuing

By imbuing an item, it is possible to create a whole number of useful things. One particular reason is for energy storage. Once energy is stored in an item, it may be extracted at a later date. Another important point to note is that it would appear that imbued objects and items renew their energy. This means that as long as you don't drain it totally, it will probably recharge back to its original state, or just below. An imbued item will also radiate the input energy constantly from that point on, and you will also be able to extract more when needed on demand. For example, a good luck charm will radiate good luck (go figure).

How to imbue

Imbuing items is surprisingly similar to the initial extracting releasing techniques outlined in the Basics document. As before, visualize the specified type of energy flowing into the object. This should float around very much like an energy ball. Once you feel that you have the optimum amount
of energy stored, visualize the object having been broken into 4 or so pieces, split slightly apart (possibly made of metal), locking together, sealing the energy in, leaving only small gaps for energy to be released
(These gaps are proportionate to the amount of energy you want to have continually released).

Lesson 3 - Energy over Distance: General

This lesson may be divided into 2 parts, Line of sight (short distance), and Long Distance. Line of sight simply means energy transfer from or to an object, person, and an elemental that you can see. Once you can no longer see it, it becomes Long Distance. Long distance relies more heavily on closed eye visualization (CEV).

Line of Sight Energy Transfers

Line of sight is essentially an extension of standard energy transfers (SET - outlined in basic). This is another very useful technique, for obvious reasons (such as those times when you are chained up and need to get that little bit of extra energy to escape... or not).
To begin, look at the object you wish to initiate an energy transfer with.

Keynote 2 - This isn't to say that you're not transferring energy 24/7; it indicates that you wish to create a higher concentration of energy transfer.

In this exercise, you are aiming to make a link between yourself and the target. Visualize a chain, link, stream, whatever you feel necessary, to facilitate the energy flow between you and your target. Now see the energy flowing (or pulsing) from the origin, down the line, into you, or vice versa if
you wish to give energy.

Also note that you do not need to always use your hands, but it is advised for the beginner.

Note - A simultaneous transfer can be achieved by creating two lines, a LINE-IN and a LINE-OUT. Much like your average hi-fi.

This may take some practice.

Long Distance Energy Transfer

As stated before, LDET requires you to shut down your open eyed antics and close your eyes for a while. For those of you who are used to having you eyes open, this may seem a little weird.
Close your eyes, and visualize the source of the energy you wish to take in as much detail as possible. Now watch carefully as you extract the energy. You may now choose to see the energy traveling across the distance; however over very long distances this can become inefficient and pointless.

At this point, you should now visualize the energy penetrating your skin and flowing into you. In order to do these exercises effectively, try to visualize both things at once.

Note - As this is very similar to the original methods of energy transfer, there is a very high success rate.



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