EM Manual (Part 4)

Chapter 5 –Energy Manipulation Level 4 Mastery

You are now reading Level 4 Energy Manipulation which will master Energy Manipulation. This chapter assumes that you have completed all previous lessons in previous courses, basic, intermediate and advanced and have fully learned and mastered them. They are all prerequisites to Mastery of energy manipulation.  If you have reached this state, you are ready to continue.

During the duration of this course, the following topics will be covered;

Energy Sources; Electricity
Energy Sources 2; the Elementals
Urban Defense Strategies
Theoretical Advanced Metaphysics


As with previous courses, it may be necessary for you to take the appropriate paths to peacefulness and other important states.

Lesson 1 - Energy Sources – Electricity

Whilst the most obvious, this is often a much overlooked source of energy.  Electricity is pure energy. It also has the added bonus of being (almost) totally neutral, so is a source of clean energy. Next to this, it is constant.

That is, as with all electrical systems (EcS), energy used is always replaced, almost instantly.
Electricity, in this age, is also very common. You can extract it from anything which has a current, be it a toaster, a computer, a cell phone, or even a child's toy.

Although this may sound very straight forward, very much like standard energy extraction, there are several forces at work that need to be acknowledged to avoid any problems. First, let’s look at current.
Current is found in the forms of Alternating Current (ac) and Direct Current (dc).

Figure1.1 - alternating current
Figure1.2 - direct current

: DC:

Direct Current is by far the safest type of electricity to use as a resource. This is because, unlike AC, the current is constant (figure 1.2). For these reasons, I do not need to go into great detail.

: AC:

Alternating Current, whilst having considerable risks, also has several pros and cons. This comes from the simple fact that since AC exists in a dualistic system (+/-), it may have 2 different combined effects. Unfortunately, since + and - are only man made labels, we cannot say what's actually positive and what's actually negative.  Theoretically, since AC switches between positive and negative at such a rate, the outcome should be that similar to taking energy from an organic source. This is where the real uses come in. Organic energy sources are far more potent than non-organics.

Unfortunately, organic sources are nearly always afflicted by an emotional or psychological/physiological responses from the organism, be it a plant or animal. The advantages of sourcing energy from AC electricity, is that it has none of these afflictions, yet still remaining potent.

Another particular issue with sourcing electricity is that the transfer must be monitored. This is because electricity is constant, and whilst an Organic Energy System (OES) may degenerate over a short period of time, there is a high chance that Electricity will not. For this reason, it is important to observe just how much energy you are receiving and take precautions to avoid overloading. Secondly, and more importantly, always check the voltage rating! This is nothing more than common sense. Trying to extract energy from a phone battery may make a difference so subtle it is unnoticeable, whereas attempting to source from the transformer at a power station is going to have pretty nasty effects.

Lesson 2 - Energy Sources 2 - The Elementals

Even though they were not covered in the previous courses, the elementals are an important part of sourcing. Air and earth are so significantly energy less in suburban and urban areas, rainforests are highly charged, and these will not be covered. Fire, and Water, will be covered in greater detail.
Elementals are possibly the most primitive source of energy available. It was originally thought, and still in some science circles (in an abstract form), that
the elementals are the constituents of the universe. For this reason, they are named 'the elementals'.
The usual Sourcing techniques will be bypassed, simply for the sake of not repeating them over and over.

: Fire:

Possibly the best source for high energy workings, Fire pulls out the cosmic stops. A scientific view shows us that this is due to the high levels of kinetic energy caused by collision theory (i.e. that of atoms hitting other atoms creating heat).

It is possible to use this energy from standard techniques, and whilst not an EcS or an OES, Elementals are high powered sources. Good Fire sources are the usual, candles, and surprisingly enough, fires. Unfortunately, fire goes out.  Fire is important for high intensity energy, and is primarily offensive energy.
It will also spin you out the fastest. It is also apparent that Fire energy is colored RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW. Materials such as copper may be used to change the color of the fire, and thus changing its properties.

: Water:

The water elemental is stable, low yet constant energy (like the humming of a fridge at night). These properties mean that in this case (in a dualistic system); it is the opposite of Fire, which is volatile.
The best sources for high clarity, stable yet powerful water are streams, preferably not polluted. These however are hard to find, so tap water also works well. One technique for increasing the potency of tap water is to place it in a container, and let it sit for about a day. This occurs because elemental energy is almost 'magnetic' in the sense that it attracts other energy.

Changing the color of fire may work to change its properties, but putting food coloring or other such chemicals into water, is, unfortunately going to do next to nothing, save aesthetics.
Water energy is often useful for exercises that involve simple charging, or protection. It is relatively neutral in comparison to fire.

Lesson 3 - Urban Defense Strategies

No matter how advanced your occult technologies are there's a good chance that they won’t fully protect you against other urbanites. This technique employs the methods used in Level 2 Energy Manipulation, Egg Shells.

If you have not read this, or need to refresh your memory, do so now.

The Spiky Shell  (Level 3 Egg Technique)

This is, as it sounds, spiky. This is a simple protection shell, with an added protective layer. The added layer has large protruding spikes. This is often set to 'rotate' randomly around a spherical axis. This technique has a high success rate.

Sensor Orbs (Level 4 PSI Balls)

Energy balls, again. The difference being that these small balls are designed to absorb energy. Since these are almost directly attached to yourself, you will notice any change in the surroundings. These Sensor orbs collide with beings (assuming you have a wide enough orbit) and merge with their energy signatures. This is important, since it gives you enough time to cross the road, and thus avoiding any trouble, should things turn nasty. This, however, is no substitute for good old instinct.

Lesson 4 - Theoretical Advanced Metaphysics

Theoretical, in the fact that it cannot be proven, these techniques are not for the narrow minded. These are the true workings of a Master Willed Soul.

Whilst I personally cannot claim to have achieved any of the following on a regular basis, it has happened from time to time, and mostly at times of great emotional distress. Such circumstances make this so highly vulnerable to almost clinical criticism; this section is classified as hypothetical to avoid any conflicts.

As many know, all reactions in the universe are exothermic or endothermic. This relies on heat. This lesson focuses heavily on the ability to perceive at an atomic level.


By heating the energetic states of molecules, it is possible to increase the rate of collisions, and thus raising the heat of the substance in question. This can most often and easily be done with fire. For example, boiling water is a simple demonstration.

You must now focus on increasing the energy levels at the atomic level. This can only be done through heavy amounts of eye closed visualization. I cannot stress how difficult this is to achieve. Your success can be measured through the use of high sensitivity scientific thermometers.

Since this is such an advanced field, I have not the experience to write up a concise lesson on it at this point in time, although I hope this short bit of inspiration may assist you in any ventures you choose to take.

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