Hydrokinesis - Explanation And Techniques

Hydrokinesis - Explanation And Techniques 

Hydrokinesis. The manipulation of water is an article I have actually wanted to create for a while. Hydrokinesis has many uses. You can use hydrok in almost everything you do, since there is water everywhere you go. A subsection for hydrokinesis would probably be hemo-kinesis or 'blood-kinesis' in layman’s terms, since blood is approximately 82% water. In some organisms, for instance jelly-fish, water will take up 90% of the body weight. In humans, lean muscle tissue takes up about 75% water by weight, as is the brain; Body fat contains about 10% water and bone has about 22% water. So you see how learning hydrokinesis would help you, this proves water is everywhere and living organisms are full of it.

Remember, not all water is visible. Oxygen is two parts water so you can practice Hydrokinesis everywhere you go. If you do manage to learn Hydrokinesis i recommend you learn cryokinesis. Hydrok and Cryok are very, very compatible with each other so keep that in mind also.

Here is a technique all beginners must learn before they even begin to attempt moving water.

  1.  Place a bowl of water in front of you. Now dip a finger into the bowl. Close your eyes and feel the water against your skin. Do not try to move the water yet. Feel the energy inside the water and reach out with your own and connect with the water. Once this connection is made you will feel the energies in the water, they are constantly moving around the bowl, aimlessly remember, energy has no consciousness it just does what its told and the energy in the water is free and 'untamed'. Practice this technique at least 5 times a day; once you get better at this and can connect faster continue with the second technique.
  2. Place a bowl of water in front of you. Place a bottle cap or cork, basically something that is easily controllable and floats easily. Now connect with the water. Focus on the energy inside the water and will it, like an extension of your body, like lifting a finger, to group together and rise to the top of the water. You will the energy group together. Now with one fluid movement will it to move to the other side of the bowl in a wave like progression. The bottle cap will move if you practice enough remember, the more you practice the heavier the object and the faster you will be able to move said object through the water.
  3. This is for the more advanced hydrokinetic users. Open out your hand. Close your eyes and visualize all the little molecules of water in the air greatly magnified. Now this will take much skill. Will all the tiny molecules of water to separate from the oxygen (since oxygen is two parts water one part oxygen) and clump together. What should happen is water starting to fall from what seems like thing air. I recommend trying this just over a piece of tissue. This technique has been tested and has succeeded and made by me, (as is all of my techniques i assure you). 

I hope this article helps. I apologize for it being soo short. I actually made this for a new user, TK girl. All techniques have been tested and succeeded so it will work the more you work on it. All constructive criticism is welcome as usual, and please...no spam. Thank you. Oh and feel free to pm me your progress :)
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