The Secrets Of Electrokinesis

The Secrets Of Electrokinesis

This article was written by Demi on 2012-05-27 under Telekinesis.

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Hello this is Demi and today I'm going to talk to you about Electro kinesis, and what people don't understand about it.

First of all, I just want to explain that you don't need energy to do Electro kinesis. But, if you expect to learn how to make an ''Electro-Ball'' or shooting long beams of electricity, than you do need energy. Energy like ''Chi'' or Mana.. Or what ever energy is necessary. The reason why you don't NEED energy is because the watts in your body, if you will them to move, they will move. Think of it like this. You see your hand on your mouse, right? You're moving that hand of yours because you want it to move. I know there's muscle, bone, etc. But you still move it because you want it to move. It doesn't move by itself. Hopefully you get what I'm trying to say. Watts, if you will them to move, they will simply move. But the watts in your body they can not harm you until they are projected out of your body. Watts are a very small amount of electricity. It's not enough to do much damage in any way inside your body. But most of you expect to make an Electro-Ball or really clear electricity shooting out of your hands. Watts are very small. If you don't use energy, you won't see much progress in Electro kinesis. Without energy, you can still do things but it's going to be very limited. If you were to be shot with by a tazer, you can make yourself immune to it simply with just will power. Your watts in your body aren't enough to make sparks of electricity like you see in anime, etc. You'll need energy for that. Energy itself won't do much too. You've got to turn it into Electricity. This is simply what I do. Your chi can become any color you want it to be, right? I turn it into the color Grey because that color to me represents Storm. You CAN turn your chi into electricity but it won't happen right away. Chi is life force energy and with this, you can become so much stronger, and progress quicker than any normal Electro kinetic who doesn't use chi.

Picture this. A guy who trained with EK for 50 years, against someone who trained EK for 50 years as well, but with Chi. Who do you think will win? Don't say ''It all depends on how they use it''. Like, the guy who doesn't use chi at all, or any type of energy would most likely be stronger. Because they have more energy and electricity to be used.

You can improve your Electro kinesis skills without energy but it will take a little while more than it would. Increasing your body's pH system does improve your skills massively. I got a lot of questions on my PM asking ''What kind of foods increase your pH system''. Here's the answer.

pH is how acidic/basic your body is. The idea pH is 7.35. pH is scaled 1-14, 1=super acid, 7=neutral (water), 14=super alkaline. Drink more basic drinks, simply put. And eat more basic food.
Here is a list of foods...Raw Spinach, Beet Greens, Molasses, Celery, Dried Figs, Carrots, Dried Beans, Chard Leaves, Water Cress, Sauerkraut, Leaf Lettuce, Green Lima Beams, Dried Lima Beans, Rhubarb, Cabbage, Cereal.

Even if you do use energy, this will still help you by a lot. Anyways, that's all for now.

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