Pyrokinesis Techniques

Pyrokinesis Techniques

To practice Pyrokinesis you need to have a candle and matches so you can light it. Take it to a windless place. remember that you have to move it with your mind without the use of any physical means. Now to control the flame just imagine that your Ki is absorbing the flame and that your hand is the flame and you control it. with the movement of your hand the flame will move along with it so if you want it bigger imagine the flame's size increasing opposite if you want the flame smaller. when you're able to control the flame, move on to a more difficult exercise like the techniques I mentioned below. Another helpful techniques is to imagine the tip of the lighted candle bursting into flames shooting out heat Ki. It will take time to learn Pyrokinesis so train hard and don't give up if your not getting result's just research more and train harder every day.

Pyrokinesis is the ablity over fire. This is an advanced skill, and can be dangerouse to others around you if you don't have controll over it. The key to Pyrokinesis is focusing on what you want the flame or fire to do, and willing it to happen. Here I have listed a few ways to develope and increase you pyrokinesis skills. 
The best way to develope and train your Pyrokinesis skills is a technique called the dancing flame. Get in a relaxed position, and grab a match. Light the match on fire and focus on the flame. Create a "tunnel" between you and the flame. Now visualize the flame going out. You must be focusing on only the flame. With enough will power, and hard concentration, the flame will go out. Putting a flame or fire out is the easiest part of Pyrokinesis. Making the flame or fire relight is the hard part. Once you can make the flame burn out, Focus on the flame relighting. After a few weeks of doing this, you will notice that once the flame is out, you will be able to see the ember start to turnred again as though it wanted to relight. Once you practice enough, it will relight. This is the easiest way to develope and trainPyrokinesis. This techique DOES WORK!! I started out a year ago by practicing the dancing flame, and now I can make a decent sized fire dim down and go out just by a wave of the hand. Then I can relight small parts of it.

Fire Blast: 

Place you hands at your side as if to perform an advanced ki blast. Charge up the ki into your palms, but also visualize being engulfed in a fire surrounding you. Let the flames come up and collect in between your palms. Merge the ki IN your hands, with the "fire" in BETWEEN your hands. When finished, you should have a completed fire ball in between your hands. Unless advanced enough, you won't actually see a flame, you'll just feel heat. Shoot your hands foward at the target. Visualize the fire coming off of your hands like a blow torch. Be carefull though. If your body isn't conditioned for fire, the attack will also burn you.

Flame Hadoken

I didnt come up with this attack but you need to know how to do this before you do my Super Hadoken Finisher. If you playedStreetFighter then you should know what to do for those who havent i will display it on my Intermediate website. If you know how to do a Hadoken this is how to make a Flame Hadoken. Form a Hadoken in the cup you made with your hand.(Like how Goku makes a kamehameha wave) Now visualize fire rushing up from your chakra point into your palm. The best way to picture this is to picture fire in a Fire place burning you and its spreading through out your whole body. Now have the fire join your hadoken. You know when you do this when your hand becomes real hot.

Super Flame Hadoken Finisher

This attack is finisher only. Visualize your Flame Hadoken growing bigger and bigger. Now add as much ki into the ball as you want then condense the ball to a small form(just make the ball small its more efficient that way). Now draw all of your ki thats in your whole body into the cups of your hand.visualize your hadoken getting stronger and picture light shining through the cracks of your fingers. When your ready fire at will. This is a good finisher and I use it on my sparring partner everytime we have a intense battle.

Elemental Ki Flame Power-Up

Everybody heard of ki flame well this is my upgraded version of it. Now do the ki flame and now when you explode your ki flame around your body visualize your ki change from red to white then from white to blue then from blue to brown then from brown to reb/blue then to red again
Red = Fire
White = Electric 
Blue = Ice
Brown = Earth
Red/Blue = Vorpal (This is a true Element it was discovered in Japan)
Now your attacks will have elemental damage in them and plus you will have the same affects of the ki flame.

Flame aura

Flame aura is a technique where you use the heat Ki from Pyrokinesis to make a outer aura good for heating up your body in cold weather much like the inner heat tantra. To do this technique imagine heat Ki building up like a wave of energy and traveling throughout the body inside and out and that your body as if your body is igniting in flames. This technique will last long until your Ki deplete's it is easy to use and can be learned in around 30 minutes.
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